Car Park
Car Park

Car Park

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Our car park Insert is made solely from acrylic, Comes complete with giant pothole so cars can crash into the tub below. Suitable for water play activities or can be used for posting activities. 
Can also be used with dry erase or chalk markers.
Please note when cleaning use a soft cloth, only water and a little detergent in need as harsh or abrasive chemicals can damage the acrylic. 
* Base and topper made from 3mm acrylic making it a total of 6mm thick. Made to fit the large 42 x 30 x 10 Ikea Flisat/trofast storage box.
PLEASE NOTE - All items are engraved and cut on site. Due to the nature of wood, the grain & color of the ply will differ from each item making each piece unique. This is not considered a fault, but a reflection of the beauty of nature. Light burn marks may be present due to the cutting process.
PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all times.
WE DO NOT recommended these for children under 3 years of age.