Large Post Office
Large Post Office

Large Post Office

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The need to place objects inside other objects is a natural urge that infants and young toddlers have. Posting activities promote children's fine motor skills by encouraging their hand to eye coordination. This activity is also a great way to build problem solving skills.

This is where our Posting Inserts come into play, we all know I love posting activities and tokens 🤣
So these 2 are a match made in heaven!

Our large Post office Insert has plenty of shapes cut out to encourage posting activities, fill the shapes with rice, pasta, chickpeas or any other item you may have at home.
Encourage them to write or draw little notes and post through the slot in the post office, you could even reply to them.
Pair this large insert with our NEW small post box insert creating the perfect invitation to open ended play.
Tokens that come with our small insert also fit into the slots on the larger insert which makes them the perfect combination and takes the stress of creating set ups.

Large Post Office Insert fits in the large 40x28x10 trofast tub and is made from our 3mm premium laser ply

Comes in 2 different styles to suit any type of
Play table.
Pictured above we are using our Pippy Play Designs table.

PLEASE NOTE - All items are engraved and cut on site. Due to the nature of wood, the grain & color of the ply will differ from each item making each piece unique. This is not considered a fault, but a reflection of the beauty of nature. Light burn marks may be present due to the cutting process.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all times. WE DO NOT recommended these for children under 3 years of age.