Sensory Starter Mini Rainbow
Sensory Starter Mini Rainbow
Sensory Starter Mini Rainbow

Sensory Starter Mini Rainbow

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Our new sensory starter is the perfect beginner insert for your table. 

Consisting of multiple coloured holes and slots which are perfect for posting and push through activities.

Combining  fine motor skills and colour sorting activities is sure to keep your little and bigger ones entertained for hours.

Place coloured popsicle sticks in the slots to play a matching game, place large pom poms or coloured rice in the larger cut outs. Also great for popping blocks into. 

We have also added a peg board yo the middle of the insert making it impossible to get board with so many play/learn options.

Available to purchase on its own or in our new budget friendly sensory starter packs which includes, Rainbow dowels, Large Coloured Popsticks & 6 coloured Koalas. 

* Made out of 3mm laser ply & acrylic. Made to fit the small trofast bin


PLEASE NOTE - All items are engraved and cut on site. Due to the nature of wood, the grain & color of the ply will differ from each item making each piece unique. This is not considered a fault, but a reflection of the beauty of nature. Light burn marks may be present due to the cutting process.



PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all times.

WE DO NOT recommended these for children under 3 years of age.