Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit
Tiny Travellers Kit

Tiny Travellers Kit

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Step into the extraordinary world of "Tiny Travellers" – where exploration meets imagination! Our captivating kit combines the thrill of travel with dramatic and creative play. With sensory inserts that transport your child to different destinations, this kit is a gateway to endless adventures. Fuel their curiosity, encourage dramatic storytelling, and let their creativity soar. Elevate playtime with our "Tiny Travellers" kit – where every moment becomes a journey of discovery!

Insert the tiny travellers tokens into the slot on our sensory insert, discuss where you think each person might be travelling and what they will do whilst they are there.

Fill the airplane rice board with sensory delights that captivate your senses.

Utilise our unique, beautiful, digitally printed story tokens to address travel essentials while turning it into a captivating memory game.

Elevate the excitement with our boarding passes featuring digitally printed beautiful destination photos. Let your child choose a destination, sparking conversations about where they’re going and what adventures await. These visually engaging passes open the door to a world of imagination, setting the stage for delightful discussions about their upcoming journey and the wonders they’ll explore.  Personalize the experience by filling in the blanks with your child’s name, creating and immersive connection to their travel journey.

Open the acrylic passport to discover destination stamps, personalise with your child’s details and for a touch of warmth, include your child’s photo. With attached plastic hinges enabling your child to open and close like a real passport. 

Use our acrylic postcards as writable canvases, simply use a whiteboard/chalkboard marker, allowing them to jot down memories and messages that can be easily erased when desired. Transform the travel experience into a unique, customisable adventures with all the personal touches. 

Let your little people customise their own plane with our wooden cut out, suitable for painting, markers or pencils. 

Unleash excitement with this action-packed kit, promising hours of endless fun!

Kit Contains

1x Small digitally printed insert made to fit the small trofast tub.

1x Fillable airplane rice board made to fit the small trofast tub 

1x digitally printed acrylic passport

12x tiny traveller tokens each with a unique traveller

3x postcards with beautiful printed pictures on the front and lines on the reverse for writing 

5x boarding passes to different destinations

16x story token/memory squares 

1x wooden airplane made from thick durable 6mm ply

Valued at over $120 if sold individually. 


PLEASE NOTE - All items are engraved and cut on site. Light burn marks may be present due to the cutting process.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all times. WE DO NOT recommended these for children under 3 years of age.