Colour Water Play
Colour Water Play
Colour Water Play

Colour Water Play

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Do you want your children to be able to learn their colours in a fun and engaging way? This insert is perfect for learning colours, colour matching and water play.
Our all acrylic Insert is the perfect addition to your mud kitchen, allowing them to get wet and take sensory play to a whole new level. The large holes are the perfect size for fitting ball pit balls into, made from clear acrylic so they can see the objects floating in the water. Why not add food dye to the water for an even more magical experience. 
All colour names are engraved on the reverse side so there are no rough surfaces and the insert can simply be washed with water and air dried. No soap or harsh clothes needed. 
* Made out of 3mm acrylic to fit the large 42 x 30 trofast tubs
Each holes measure 70mm
Accessories not included.
PLEASE NOTE - All items are engraved and cut on site. Light burn marks may be present due to the cutting process.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required at all times.
WE DO NOT recommended these for children under 3 years of age.